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How suicidal officer ended up pulling trigger on herself in airport toilet

An employee of the One Way Cleaners Ms Ann Juma Jillo went to clean the ladies toilet on the roof top of the JKIA Administration block but found it locked from inside.

She decided to wait around so that she could clean the toilet but later saw blood flowing under the door.

She peeped and saw a female officer in jungle uniform lying dead with a pistol next to her.

The deceased officer was identified as Service number 94241 Corporal Cauntensia Wausi.

According to the records, the officer had proceeded on leave on August 2 and was to report back on August 23.

However on August 8 she was recalled and told to report at the GSU Training School for a two weeks for an HIV/AIDS training as a facilitator.

The training ended on Monday and she was supposed to continue with her leave.

On Wednesday, she reported on duty and was briefed before being deployed on duty within the terminals.

She went to the armoury and was issued with a Jericho pistol, serial number 44321224, loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition.

She then went to the radio room where she left her police pocket phone, swagger stick and beret before proceeding to the toilets.

She shot herself on the left jaw and the bullet exited through the right side of her head.