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Suluhu taunts neighbouring country that is ‘losing investors to Tanzania’

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has once again taken a swipe at the economy of an unnamed neighbouring country that she says is losing investors to Tanzania because of instability.

In a viral video that has drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans, the President claimed that the country was “burning,” forcing several investors to flee.

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She said her country had received unprecedented investors and that their businesses would transform its economy.

According to President Suluhu, investors will not stay in an unstable environment threatening their businesses.

“Kati ya mwezi wa May na Juni, tumepokea wawekezaji wengi mno. Lakini ukitizama sababu ni nini. Sababu ni kwamba kwa jirani kunawaka moto (Between May and June, we received many investors like never before. As you can see, the reason is that the neighbour’s home is on fire),” said President Suluhu.

She made the remarks in Zanzibar on Sunday, July 16, while addressing a women’s conference to mark the Islamic New Year.

The Tanzanian president stressed the need to maintain peace and stability, which she said was the only way to attract investors and boost business.

“I appeal to you that we maintain our harmony and peace,” she said.

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Suluhu noted that there was a need for leaders to address issues whenever they were unhappy.

President Suluhu warned that if leaders end up shouting and fighting each other, investors who want to invest in the country may change their minds and opt for other stable countries.

She praised the executive director of the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Mr Gilead Teri, who said in a recent interview that Tanzania had received many investors this year.

It was not the first time President Suluhu made such remarks, apparently mocking the neighbouring country.

Earlier this year, President Suluhu said that Tanzania was doing better economically than other countries in the East African Community (EAC).

“At the moment, many countries are complaining of inadequate foreign exchange, but for us, we have a stock that can last for four years. If you go to our neighbours, they don’t have enough to last for a week,” she said.

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