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Suluhu: Young Tanzanian men are unable to sire

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu has expressed concern over the supposed inability of young men in the country to sire.

She posed, as quoted by East Africa Radio: “Why is it that when our children get to the age of adding their families they are struggling?”

“There is a big problem and I know you know. Scientists please do research and because it is not said out loud as it is a secret, our young men are oppressed. The main problem is in the diet.”

This is not the first time President Suluhu, East Africa’s first female president, is weighing in on societal issues.

Earlier this year, she advised secretaries not to snitch on their male bosses who have girlfriends, adding that what happens at the work place should remain private.

“Integrity encompasses keeping secrets of places you are in, secrets of your boss at your job place not snitching at your boss to his wife after you see him with his mistress,” she explained.

And in August, she was criticized for her remarks on female footballers having ‘flat chests’ and being unattractive for marriage.

“If we bring them here and line them up, for those with flat chests, you might think they are men – not women and for the way they are, a life of marriage… is just a dream,” she said of the women’s football team.

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