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‘Supa Modo’ starlet, Stycie Waweru, on her passion for acting

She gives a brilliant performance as Jo in her first role as an actress in this latest Kenyan film Supa Modo and now she is set to be directed by a Hollywood ensemble in her next film.

Young actress Stycie Waweru, 10, spoke to Nairobi News about her passion for acting.

1. You are the talk of town. How does that feel? – It feels amazing and great! This is because it’s the kind of life that I’ve always wanted and my wishes seem to be slowly getting realised. Again, being part of a major film like Supa Modo is a huge opportunity for me and I love the fact that people appreciate my talent.

2. Are your school mates hanging around you now that you are in a big movie? – Trust me, it’s now crazy at school. My school mates are fighting for my attention. They are doing everything they can to have me pick them as my friends. It’s quite humbling though.

3. How did you get to be cast as Jo? – My dad Joseph Njata, who is a filmmaker based in Rwanda, found the auditions online and immediately called my mom Agnes Muigai. My dad knew that I had a passion for films since I have been asking him to give me a role in his films. I went to the auditions just to try my luck. They picked me from more than hundreds of other talented Kenyan kids.

4. How did acting as a terminally ill girl change the way you look at life? – After being part of this beautiful story, I have realised that the sick people in our lives need our love and support.

5. You travelled to the movie premiere in Germany, how was the experience? – The experience in Europe was amazing and I loved Germany. Except for the cold weather, everything else was awesome. Life in Germany is nothing like Kenya, and it’s beautiful, there is no dirt. I also think people there love films more than we do here. I just loved it there.

6. What do you want people to learn from the movie when they watch it? – I want people to open their eyes and learn that the sick need to be supported. This could be by visiting them at hospitals or at their homes. They should not treat the sick people as if they are lesser human beings. We all need to love and support them.

7. Has acting always been a passion for you? – I’d say yes, because when I was a little child I loved watching movies. I also loved how people in films acted and so I wanted to be like them. As of now, I still watch a lot of films.

8. What did your parents tell you after they saw you on the big screen? – They could not believe it! They congratulated me and told me a thousand times how proud they are about my performance. They are very supportive and have been encouraging me to do even more.

9. What is your next project and what character would you like to play? – Next is a film called Creative I that will be directed by Timothy Dillard and produced by Lara Lee Hullinghorst from Hollywood. It will be shot in Rwanda between May and July. I would like to play the bad girl who later becomes good. I just like those kind of characters.

10. Last words to your fans? – Follow me on Instagram @Supa-Stycie, like my Facebook page Stycie Waweru and also visit my YouTube channel Stycie Waweru, and don’t forget to watch the movie and let me know what you think.