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Super 8 League organiser defies Football Kenya Federation’s ban

Extreme Sports manager Athanas Obango has termed his ban by Football Kenya Federation as “inconsequential”.

Obango, who manages the grassroots Super 8 League, was banned by FKF’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday, on the premise that he was coordinating in “unsanctioned” football activities.

The duration of his suspension will be determined in the coming days, FKF’s delegates said.

Undeterred, however, Obango, a former footballer says he isn’t at all bothered by the ban.


“Hio ni kelele (that’s unnecessary noise). In an organization, you only suspend people who are affiliated to you. The matter is now in court. They (FKF) view my involvement in football as a big threat to their ambitions to cling on to football leadership,” he told Nairobi News on Sunday.

To prove his point, Obango uploaded on Facebook pictures of himself supervising football activities on Sunday morning.

Besides Obango,other FKF officials namely Joseph Ochieng’, Eugene Masibaye, Benrard Omondi and Joyce Hoi Alongside Kenyan Premier League referees Amos Ichingwa, Judy Wamoro, Micheal Iluve were also banned having been found guilty of associating with the Super 8 tournament