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Super Metro driver on the spot for dangerous driving

A video capturing a Super Metro minibus executing a daring U-turn on the highway has sparked a flurry of reactions online, drawing widespread condemnation for the dangerous stunt.

In the undated footage, the minibus, operated by the renowned Matatu service provider Super Metro, can be seen taking an angle on the wrong side of the highway before abruptly making a turn and driving against oncoming traffic.

As the driver attempts the maneuver, a black vehicle behind the minibus also attempts to navigate around it before driving away.

Responding swiftly to the incident, Super Metro management issued a statement condemning the driver’s actions and confirming his apprehension.

The driver is set to face legal consequences for his reckless conduct.

“Today’s incident involving one of our drivers on Thika Road is deeply regrettable. The driver has been apprehended by our company inspectors for his misconduct of making a U-turn on the Thika Superhighway, endangering other road users,” read the statement.

The driver was subsequently handed over to authorities at the Central Police Station before being transferred to Pangani Police Station, where the incident was officially reported.

He will now face charges in court.

The video footage, which circulated widely on social media, elicited bewilderment and disappointment among Kenyans.

Many expressed shock that a Super Metro minibus, known for its reputation of orderliness, could exhibit such blatant disregard for traffic regulations.

Sam Mkenya: Super Metro This was a bold move. To remain super maintain discipline amongst your crew. Happy clients will always be your powerful and relatively cheaper marketing tool and the reverse strongly holds.

Daniel Karanja: Hope this isn’t PR_That was one of the extreme cases of total disregard to road safety. The fact that it was done by a driver entrusted with the transportation of so many lives is sickening to the core. Such a driver is a menace.

Nick Leshan: One of the scariest things I have seen on the road

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