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Here’s one super mom, who deserves to be celebrated this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, which is being marked internationally today, is a celebration honouring all mothers as well as motherhood, their sacrifices and their influence in society.

Our mothers consistently put us first, making us the number one priority in their lives.

That is exactly what has defined Philister Waithera’s life ever since her two boys suffered serious injured in a fire that burnt down their one-room rental house in Thika town one fateful afternoon in December 2017.

Mark Ngugi (8) and Manasseh Maina (6) have been in and out of hospital since December 22, 2017 and the single-mother has dedicated her entire life to taking care of them.


Mama Mark was selling detergents to make ends meet and on the day of the fire accident, she had left her two boys in the house as she went to get the raw material for her detergents.

That afternoon she received a call from her landlord asking her to meet them at St Mulumba Mission Hospital.

“It was from there that I came to learn that my sons had been involved in a fire accident. The burns were so severe that I could barely recognize any of them,” narrates Philister.

The boys had sustained severe burns and had been rushed to ICU immediately the moment they arrived at the hospital.

“On arrival to the hospital, Mark had about 30% burns while Manasseh 20%. Mark had to be immediately put into a ventilator as he had difficulties in breathing,” said SR. Bernadette Mwita, the Nursing Officer-In-Charge at St Mulumba Mission Hospital.


“For more than six months I sustained the agony of seeing my kids suffer excruciating pain during wound cleaning and therapy. Mark, the older one, could only sleep on his belly since his entire back was covered with a huge burn wound. Their cries and yells of pain were so heart-wrenching for me as a mother,” says Philister.

The family lost everything in the inferno but through the years, well-wishers have been by her side. The hospital bills have since been cleared.

On April 9, 2019, the boys underwent corrective surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital and they are now looking forward to going back to school.

However, Philister still need help for well-wishers in paying the rent and her two children’s school fee before she gets back on her feet.

Contributions can be sent directly to her (0714352071) or send through the paybill number 161370 (account name Philister)

Happy Mother’s Day Philister!