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Supermarket supervisor who was caught on camera assaulting cashier arrested

By Amina Wako November 24th, 2019 1 min read

The man who was caught on a CCTV camera assaulting a female cashier at a supermarket was rearrested on Saturday.

The Office of Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) issued an order for the arrest following social media uproar over the incident that took place at Eastmatt Supermarket in Kajiado.


“The ODPP has ordered for immediate arrest of Ibrahim Taraiya, a supervisor at Eastmatt Supermarket in Kajiado for assaulting a teller,” read a tweet from the ODPP official Twitter handle.

Police reports indicate that Taraiya is at Kajiado Police Station and will be arraigned on Monday at the Kajiado Law Court to answers to charges of assault.

Sources told Nairobi News that Taraiya was arrested on Tuesday after Sharon Atieno, the lady cashier, reported the matter but he was later following an agreement between the two of them.

His release then was followed by the release of the CCTV footage that immediately went viral on social media thus catching the attention of relevant authority.


In the viral clip, Taraiya is seen beating up the female cashier for a few minutes before the intervention of other people in the supermarket.

The supermarket confirmed that Taraiya had been laid off. It further distanced itself from the assault citing that he acted solely.

“We as Eastmatt condemn and do not stand for such heinous acts of disrespect against any of our staff and more so women,” the statement read.

“The individual in question acted solely and has been suspended with a report officially being filed with the Kajiado County police (who) are handling the matter accordingly,” it added.