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SuperSport to sue blogger over controversial tweets

Nairobi News has exclusively learnt that two officials of the giant trans-continental broadcaster SuperSport PTY are contemplating suing ‎a local blogger over a series of controversial tweets from an account he allegedly runs.

Although the case has been hit by a lack of local witnesses, sources say that the Head of Africa Mr. Andre Venter will proceed with the case against Francis Gaitho, who is also a SuperSport subscriber.

Reached for comment, Mr. Gaitho said he is not aware of the pending lawsuit but said he will evaluate all options once he is properly served.

“I’m hearing this now. I am a subscriber of SuperSport’s great bouquets, and a big fan of their programs,” Gaitho said.

“Once in a while I may have telephoned them to complain especially when they don’t televise African football, but that’s normal,” he added.


The Twitter account in question ‘@kenyafootball’ has been attacking SuperSport TV and speculation is rife that the tweets may have angered the company’s top-brass.

The tweets specifically riled the South African firm for overlooking African content and giving preference to European sports.

However, Gaitho was quick to clarify that the said account is operated by multiple fans of Kenyan football, both within and in the diaspora.

“That’s an account for the people, by the people,” Gaitho said. “I have my own private accounts,” he added.

Gaitho added that he will be seeking guidance from Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) and Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) on how to approach the impending lawsuit, once he has been formally served.

“As it stands, I’ve only know about this issue recently, and await more once I receive relevant suit papers from the broadcaster.”