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Supkem leader asks Raila to call off planned march to State House

Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims (Supkem) Chairman Hassan Ole Naado has voiced his opposition to the planned mass demonstration by Azimio la Umoja and called for a truce to resolve the current political standoff in the country.

Ole Naado has taken issue with plans by Azimio la Umoja leader to lead his supporters in a march to State House, Nairobi on Monday.

He termed the plans as dangerous saying it could put the youths on a warpath with security forces.

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“As it is now, opposition supporters have already made up their mind that the big issue on Monday is marching to State House. The People Baraza’s the opposition have been holding have so far been peaceful and so the Monday exercise should also be peaceful. If you tell youths they will march to State House what will they be going to do there? ” Ole Naado said in an interview with Nation.

He further urged Mr Odinga to call off the demonstration if in any way it will be a threat to security, saying elections are over and the government of the day should be allowed to work a way out on solving the current challenges facing the country.

“On the issue of elections, the former premier followed the right channel and the Supreme Court made its ruling. This means the government of the day is legally in office. What is important now should be the stability of the country and tackling challenges facing Kenyans,” he said.

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“Kenya is part of the global community and the challenges Kenyan are passing through are global and post corona virus which was followed by the long drought. We should have an honest conversation on this,” he said.

Supkem chair said the demos could affect Muslims as they prepare to usher in the holy month of their Ramadhan which is likely to kick off on March 21/22 depending on the sighting of the crescent moon.

Mr Odinga is expected to lead his supporters in what he has termed as the ‘father and mother’ of demonstration against President Ruto’s government which he has severally said he doesn’t recognize.

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