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Support and pray for President Ruto – Jalang’o says

By Wangu Kanuri January 10th, 2023 2 min read

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour alias Jalang’o has urged Kenyans to pray for President William Ruto. The first-time parliamentarian sympathized with the plight of President Ruto, saying that all that is needed for him to lead the country successfully was prayers and support.

Observing that settling in a government office was not easy, Jalang’o, who wears many hats ranging from a media personality to a comedian, asked, “If the settling in constituencies is this hectic, you can imagine in the president capacity. Everybody is looking at you, watching you.”

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So far, the Head of State’s administration was doing well. Jalang’o countered that Kenyans were yet to see the fulfillment of the promises he made during and after the campaign period.

“He speaks a lot about so many plans and we hope he gets to deliver. I have always told you, again and again, all we need to do is to pray and support our president. That’s it.”

Noting that the country’s success or failure is pegged on the Head of State, Jalang’o opined, “If Ruto fails, we all fail. If he makes it, the whole country is happy and that is what we want for everyone out here. We want the president to succeed in leading us. He has the mantle that’s it.”

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Though he is adamant about changing his political stand, Jalang’o, a Raila Odinga die-hard, while on Ramogi FM, claimed President Ruto wanted to poach him from Azimio.

The legislature alleged that he was offered money to leave Baba and join Ruto. “We have been called severally. What is important is that you should stand for your beliefs and the party that sponsored you to parliament,” he said.

However, he clarified that his loyalty to Baba was key and believed in his vision. He would then strongly refute the creation of the Office of the official Opposition, saying it was a ploy to tame Mr. Odinga.

Adding that the Kenya Kwanza administration was malicious in advocating for the position since they were aware of Odinga’s influence and past achievements through holding rallies, something they wanted to control through the office, Jalang’o opined that protests and public consultations were more efficient when it comes to impacting any political change in a country and holding the government to account.

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