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Supreme Court judges give Uhuru event wide berth

Supreme Court judges did not show up for the official state opening of parliament by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The judges’ holding room adjacent to that of religious leaders has been empty, according to Daily Nation’s David Mwere.

Usually, the judges have attended the address by the Head of State.

There has been bad blood between the Executive and Judiciary after the Supreme Court invalidated his election victory after August 8.

Later, the President attacked the Supreme Court judges and this could be seen as a silent protest.

“Wajua uzuri wa sheria, hapo awali nilikua rais mtarajiwa, si ni kweli? Si (Chief Justice David) Maraga na hao watu wake wakora wamesema basi uchaguzi ipotee? Si ndivyo wamesema? Sasa mimi tena sio mtarajiwa! Mimi ni rais ambaye amekalia kiti. Sijui kama mnaelewa? (Justice) Maraga ajue ya kwamba sasa ana deal na rais anakalia kiti,” President Kenyatta said.

The judges are also under pressure to release their detailed judgement, which they are yet to release with the 21-day window about to run out.

Nasa MPs also gave the event a wide berth, choosing to troop to Kibera to make a declaration.