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Supreme Court judge in gun puzzle at posh Spring Valley home

Supreme Court Judge Mohammed Ibrahim is under investigation for threatening to shoot a security guard at his house in Spring Valley, Nairobi, in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

A security guard from Rans Security and the director of the company recorded the complaint at the Spring Valley Police Station at 4.45am on Thursday. They alleged that the judge lost his temper during a disagreement and brandished a gun before chasing them away.

The matter was filed under OB number 03/21/3/2019 by Mr Ronald Ayiera, the owner and director of Rans Security Services, and Mr Charles Onguso, a guard at the company.

Police confirmed that the matter had been reported to them, but refused to disclose any details.

“This is something that happened in someone’s house, but people are running around causing journalists to swarm me with questions, yet we don’t know if it is true yet,” Mr Richard Muguai, the Gigiri OCPD, told the Nation. “Once we know exactly what happened, we will call you and let you know.”

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SOURCE: Daily Nation