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Supreme Court seals fate of two Iranian terror suspects

Two Iranians who were arrested with explosives in 2012 will serve 15 years in jail after the Supreme court overturned a decision of the Court of Appeal freeing them.

The two Ahmed Abolfathi Mohammed and Sayed Mansour Mousavihad been jailed for 15 years by the High Court but the Appeallate court set them free.

But on Friday, the Supreme Court reinstated the 15-year sentence and conviction set by the High Court.

This means they will serve the reminder of their term. They will be repatriated back to Iran on completion of the sentence.

Justices Mohamed Ibrahim and Smokin Wanjala dissented.

The DPP had appealed against the release of the two Iranians, faulting the court of appeal.

But supreme court judges said it is the two Iranians who led the police to where the explosives had been planted.

It was only they who could have planted the same.

Evidence on record showed that they visited the spot at Mombasa golf course thrice, the last time being a day before they were arrested.