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Watch: Supreme Court satisfied with IEBC compliance to server access

The Supreme Court on Thursday said that it was satisfied with the ongoing recount of votes from 15 polling stations and access to the server as directed on day one of the petition of presidential results.

The Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola, communicating on behalf of the court, said that their technical team at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) headquarters informed them that the progress was ongoing well.

“We received a full report from our technical team that was leading the exercise at IEBC and we have been informed that the process of compliance was completed last night…so as far as our team is concerned, the process at IEBC is finished, the process at Forodha House is coming to an end shortly,” Justice Lenaona said.

He asked both the petitioners and the respondents who will have unattended issues to raise them once they have received a full report.

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Philip Murgor, one of the leading lawyers in the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition had claimed that IEBC had refused to comply with the court’s orders.

“I wish to report that as of this morning nothing has changed, IEBC continues to refuse to provide the forensic image of all the 8 servers. Of those 8 servers, IEBC is providing only limited access to server number 5,” Mr Murgor told the court.

The Supreme Court had ordered the electoral commission to give Mr Raila Odinga access to all election servers and ballot boxes from 15 polling stations for inspection, scrutiny and recount of votes.

However, a standoff was reported at IEBC on Tuesday evening, with Mr Odinga’s team claiming that they were blocked from accessing the servers.

According to the Azimio petition, the server was remotely being accessed by the Venezuelan nationals who were earlier arrested and questioned by the police detectives before being freed.

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