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Survivors of collapsed house in Huruma recall escape

The Kenyatta National Hospital on Saturday said it had received 62 patients who were injured in the Huruma building collapse with more expected as the rescue operations continue.

CEO Lily Koros said 11 of those were still admitted while the rest had been treated and discharged. Those who were attended to included 14 minors aged between one month and 16.

Ms Koros said most patients had sustained soft tissue injuries and fractures of the limbs. Two people had compound fractures while one patient was admitted with a severe spine injury.

She said that while the hospital had put in place measures to handle crises, they were appealing to the public to donate blood.


“We wish to appeal for blood to support the patients who will require surgery,” she said, adding that some will require wheelchairs and crutches.

At Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital,  19 victims had by Saturday evening been treated at the facility.

A couple admitted to KNH gave their account of the incident. Mr Collins Otieno and his fiancee Sheila Ogingo who lived on different floors of the building narrowly escaped death.

“We had just finished supper, and he escorted me to my room on the ground floor. He went back to his room on sixth floor when it happened. The building started collapsing from the sixth floor,” Ms Ogingo said, adding that two walls collapsed on him as he attempted to rescue his girlfriend.


He was pulled out by rescuers. He said he had noticed some cracks earlier in the evening on the side of the building facing the river but ignored.

Mr Benjamin Dibondo, another victim, said he heard people shouting.

“I live on the second floor and I heard children running downstairs shouting. As I walked down to investigate, the stairs fell on me trapping me,” he said.