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Susan Kaitanny finally speaks out on messy, noisy breakup with former BFF Betty Kyalo

Posh Palace Hair Studio & Spa owner Susan Kaitanny has broken her silence regarding the much publicized fallout with her erstwhile BFF and business partner Betty Kyalo.

The two women have recently been embroiled in an ugly catfight over the control of the beauty parlour that turned personal leading to Kyallo, a news presenter with KTN, walking away and setting up shop next door.


Betty Kyallo poaches top stylists from Susan Kaittany’s Posh Palace

Betty Kyallo takes competition to her frenemy Susan Kaittany’s doorstep

The beef between the two girl friends took a dramatic twist two weeks ago when Betty not only brought competition to Susan’s doorstep by opening Flair by Betty – ideally a copied model of Posh Palace – but also poached key staff of her friend-turned-foe.

But in her first public response to the unfolding saga, Susan has said she isn’t shaken at all and even welcomed competition from Betty.


“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion… there is so much… me and her alone are but a tiny fraction of it. Even if 10 people set up shops next to me I’d  still be cool. There is enough to go around. I don’t know why people see it like there has to be a fight or we have to have beef… And so I say welcome to the business, join me in the journey of beauty” Kiattany said during an interview on a local TV talk show.

Kaitanny further claimed that her fallout with Betty wasn’t personal as has largely been reported in the media.

“Shit does happen and when it does you got to be real… it didn’t work out, I decided to move on. We all decided to part ways, she decided to start her business… It was business and you see the thing about business and friendship, it always complicate your friendship” she said.