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Robbery suspect escapes from custody of drunk police officers

Two police officers have been arrested after a robbery with violence suspect escaped under unclear circumstances while being transporting to remand.

According to police report, during the Thursday night incident the officers dropped two juvenile remandees at Kamiti Juvenile Remand and picked one another suspect who was to appear in a Kiambu court on Friday.

After picking the suspect, they then proceeded to Kiamumbi Police Station to drop other court orderlies.

But when they got there, the officers reportedly placed the suspect in police cells without booking him in the OB and then proceeded to the police canteen where they went on a drinking spree.


Later they boarded a police vehicle together with the suspect and left for Kiambu Police Station. Along the way, around Gitamayo area, the suspect managed to jump off the vehicle and fled.

The police officers are said to have been too drunk to give chase. A third police officer also fled on realizing the suspect had escaped.

The suspect, identified as Muktar Wako, has been in remand since 2017 after he was arrested and charged with the offence.

The two officers will now be charged in court with the offence of aiding a suspect to escape, even as the police continue searching for the escapee.