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Suspect in 22 guns, ammunitions cache arrested

A man linked to a cache of weapons that was recovered in Nairobi’s Kilimani area on Tuesday evening has been arrested after he surrendered himself at Kilimani police station.

Mr Ken Lungwili, who is the proprietor of Vic Technologies Limited, was arrested a day after police officers recovered the full armory within the technology company while providing security for auctioneers who were out to recover Sh5 million.

The officers were providing security after a court order was issued to Mr Ballon Wanjala Nangalama of Hebros auctioneers to break into the company belonging to Mr Lungwili.

According to the suspect’s lawyer, Simon Mburu, his client surrendered himself after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) announced that it had launched a manhunt for him on Wednesday.

The suspect was whisked him away soon after he surrendered with his lawyer saying he has no idea where he has been taken to.

“Our client has a right of representation and we are following up to find out where they have taken him,” the lawyer said.

Mr Ken Lungwili being led away by police officer after he surrendered himself at Kilimani police station. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

In a police report seen by Nairobi News, the office was broken into by the auctioneers as the police watched and in one of the rooms a standard armory was found.

“The said office was broken into by auctioneers and in one of the rooms was discovered to be having a standard armory where a number of firearms, ammunition and assortment of firearms were recovered,” the report read in part.

The report revealed that some of the firearms which were found inside the room are not allowed to be in the possession of civilians and are rarely found in the country.

The recovered ammunition include seven escort magnum shotguns, one benelli shotgun, five guatro shotguns, one savage shotgun, one walther with two magazines, a revolver with two magazines, an austia with two magazines, a ceska pistol with an empty magazine and a total of 565 ammunition of different calibers.

Also seized are; 72 medium and 45 small tins of pointed head pellets, two tins of eley wasp, 25 pistol holster, nine double magazine carriers, six single magazine carriers, 30 slings, five sniper altimate and 10 sniper torches.

Others are; nine firearm handles, 12 studs, seven spacers, 15 flash aiders, seven firearm spanners, two firearm cleaning brushes, a certificate of registration as a firearm dealer, an expired Nairobi city county business permit of number 1476629, two firearm movement register and assorted firearm manuals.

“The recovered items were taken to Kilimani Police station and investigations have kicked off,” the police report read.