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Suspect in Sh140m Dubai heist arrested in Githurai

City detectives on Tuesday arrested a man suspected to have part of a Kenyan gang that stole Sh140 million (Dh5 million) in Dubai eight months ago.

George Gitau Maina, 28, was arrested in Githurai and becomes the second suspect to be arrested over the robbery.

Police did not disclose if the suspect was found with any money during his arrest, only saying that he will be arraigned in court on Wednesday and charged with stealing contrary to section 278 of the penal code.

Kenyan police working with Interpol arrested Rebecca Mweni Musau in July and recovered Sh13 million from her new house in Ruai.

Three Kenyan suspects are believed to have returned to the country after the robbery.

United Arab Emirates security operatives are collaborating with Kenya police and Interpol officers in the search for the gang.

In March, police in Dubai wrote to the Kenyan authorities, asking them to help trace the Kenyans who had pulled the ‘Italian job’ on a vehicle transporting the cash to an ATM at a shopping mall.

An official from the security company hired to transport the cash told Khaleej Times that they informed the police about the theft.


Two weeks after the heist, Dubai Police arrested Charles Karanja in a flat in Al Nahda area in Sharjah area.

Another security guard was also arrested but it turned out that it had been a case of mistaken identity. He was later released.

Theft of money in transit is very rare in Dubai,  police said. Security firms providing money transit services are trained regularly to keep a track of their employees.