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Suspect in Umoja murder arrested in his out-of-town hideout

A man suspected to have murdered Ms Hellen Kwamboka, who was found murdered in Umoja estate last week, has been arrested in Mount Elgon area where he was hiding.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Saturday morning, Kamkunji Division police boss said that detectives who arrested the suspect were on the way from Mount Elgon to Buruburu police station.

“They are still on the way to the station, once he is here he will be questioned before he is taken to court,” he said.

The suspect, who has been identified as Eric Onyono Nyakundi, was arrested in Mount Elgon area where he was hiding.


A detective told Nairobi News that the suspect fled to Kisii as soon as he left Nairobi and finally decided to go and hide in Mount Elgon region.

“The man went to Kisii and later moved to Mount Elgon but we tried all we could do and nabbed him,” said the detective.

Ms Kwamboka was found dead inside her house in Umoja estate and police said they were suspecting a possible love gone sour.

Until her death, Ms Kwamboka was attached to parliament.