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Suspected gangster in court for mugging matatu tout

A man suspected to be a member of gang that mugged a matatu conductor at Makina stage in Kibera, Nairobi has been charged in court with theft.

Alinoor Mohamed has been accused of stealing a mobile phone valued at Sh18,000 from Thomas Matagaro on April 30, 2022. He is also reported to have robbed the complainant of Sh8000 in cash.

Mr Matangaro was at the stage at around 7pm when he was confronted by three men who demanded Sh200 from him by force. The three threatened Matangaro with undisclosed consequences if he failed to give them the cash.

It is alleged that the accused also slapped the complainant on the face and went on to ransack his pockets where he stole the phone and the cash before they fled the scene.

On May 17, Mohamed allegedly to have again accosted Matagaro at the same place and demanded an unspecified amount of money. Matangaro raised the alarm and passengers came to his rescue.

The passengers and other members of the public subdued the suspect and handed him to officers at Kibera police station.

Mohamed denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Bhoke at the Kibera Law Courts. He also told the court that he been subjected to mob justice which left him nursing injuries and that he yet to receive treatment.

The accused was granted a surety bond of Sh200,000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh50,000. The court directed that he be taken to hospital for treatment. The case is due for mentioning on June 2.