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Suspected gangsters gunned down during botched robbery

By HILARY KIMUYU January 26th, 2018 1 min read

Police in Nairobi on Thursday shot dead two suspected thugs in Lucky Summer after a botched robbery.

The two had, according to the police, raided a house to steal electronics but the occupants raised alarm drawing the attention of police officers on patrol.

The gang had already broken into the victim’s living room when police officers foiled the robbery.

The police said they recovered the stolen goods but a third suspect escape on foot.


The bodies of the slain suspects were taken to City Mortuary for autopsy and identification.

In Dandora, two members of the public were shot and seriously wounded during a robbery on an M-Pesa shop.

Armed gang members of unknown number had raided the shop and stolen money when the alarm was raised.

A crowd that responded to the alarm attempted to stop the fleeing suspects who opened fire and injured the two victims.