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Suspected killer nurse eludes capture: How is she surviving while on the run?

By Neema Amani January 16th, 2023 2 min read

Detectives in Nyamira County, Kenya, are following fresh leads indicating that a nurse, the main suspect in the murder of a head teacher, Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa, two weeks ago is planning to escape to a neighboring country.

The nurse, who is reportedly in hiding in one of the towns, is believed to be trying to sneak out of the country through Tanzania, with plans to reach Botswana or Zambia.

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Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa

Reports also indicate that the nurse has changed her phone numbers to avoid detection.

Some of the phone numbers she has used belong to people she knew in the past but had since been registered to different subscribers and some police officers who are relatives of the nurse are suspected of aiding her to hide. Community leaders are calling for her arrest and anyone aiding her to be arrested as well.

The mutilated body of the teacher was found dumped in a structure used for poultry rearing and covered with a carpet at the home of the nurse, who was working at the Nyamaiya Health Centre.

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The nurse had flown to Botswana and worked there for a year before she returned and got a job at the health facility.

The Nyamira County Commissioner, Michael Lesimam, has urged the suspect to surrender, saying she is safer in the hands of police officers.

Leaders from Nyamira County are demanding that the suspect be arrested and charged, with reports indicating that there could be some police officers who are tipping the nurse to evade arrest.

It is unclear from the information provided how the nurse suspected of killing a head teacher managed to evade capture and survive while on the run from law enforcement.

The nurse has successfully avoided arrest despite her photo being widely circulated on social media for identification.

There are reports that four police officers who are relatives of the nurse may be aiding her to evade capture by providing her with real-time information.

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The funeral of Mwalimu Ezekiel Gitangwa took place on Friday, January 13, 2023, at his ancestral home in Omorare village.

The burial service was held at the Omorare primary school grounds, ending a tragic event that shook the community.