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Suspected woman thief passes out after beating

A stomach-turning video has surfaced online showing a virtually naked woman being clobbered mercilessly by a man with a stick.

Neel Ak, who posted the video on his Facebook account, said the woman was suspected of theft.

“The exact location is unknown and if any viewer could help identify the man in the clip we would be very grateful so that we can bring him to book!” said Neel on his Facebook account.

The 41-second-long video shows a woman in just undies and bra squatting outside while pleading with her attacker to spare her and instead hand her over to the police.


The man instead continues clobbering her bottoms while she apparently passes out and lies on the ground motionless.

Onlookers are heard telling the man that the woman might die, to which the man responds: “siogopi (I’m not afraid).

He then drags her away from the camera.

Last week, Nairobi News reported of another Facebook video showing several women flogging a woman’s bottoms while two men held her by the hands and legs.

It was claimed that she had been caught sleeping with her friend’s husband, who got the green light to flog her as punishment.