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Suspects arrested in Westlands over fake Sh1 billion notes – PHOTOS

Two foreigners and a Kenyan were on Tuesday arrested after they were allegedly found with fake currency in Westlands, Nairobi.

Detectives said the suspects, Mr Abdulah Tamba and his son Abdoulaye Tamba, who hail from Mali, and the Kenyan, Mr Anthony Mwangangi — their driver — were arrested with more than Sh1 billion in foreign currency.

One of the suspects managed to go into hiding, but the police gave an assurance that they will arrest him.

Fake foreign currency notes amounting to Sh1 billion that were recovered at the apartment in Nairobi.
Fake foreign currency notes amounting to Sh1 billion that were recovered at the apartment in Nairobi.


Mr Musa Yego, the Flying Squad boss in Nairobi, said the foreigners have also been deceiving Kenyans that they would help them get rich but end up stealing from them.

“The foreigners have been in the country for over 10 years and we want the owner of the apartment to explain what he knows about them,” said Mr Yego.

He said the suspects have been living in a three-bedroom apartment located on Brookside Lane in Westlands.

Mr Tamba was also found with a machine, which detectives suspect was being used to make the fake currency.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said they have been trailing the suspect for weeks and were tipped off on his whereabouts by those he had conned.

The other suspects arrested.
The other suspects arrested.


“We also ask anyone with information about the three to report so that we can have enough evidence to arraign the suspects in court,” said Mr Yego.

The driver, in his defence, told the detectives that he has never been allowed to step into the house and he was equally shocked that the two have been processing fake currency.

In October 2015, the suspects together with Mr Suleiman Musa, Mr Mahmat Tamba and Mr Yahya Kangweri were arrested allegedly with $1.5 million (Sh153 million) in counterfeit notes.

According to police records, the suspects said they were nationals of Central African Republic, which contradicts the current information that they were from Mali.

Police said they were deported and they will have to explain how they returned.

The suspects were arrested after a complaint by Mr Abdullah Hassan who told the police that they owed him $4 million and that they had refused to pay the sum.