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Suspects hospitalised after consuming concentrated chang’aa inside police van

Four suspects have been hospitalised at the Maragua Sub-County Hospital after consuming concentrated chang’aa while in a police van that was transporting them to Murang’a prison.

The four had earlier on Monday been arraigned in court for different offences. It was while they were being taken to prison at around 6pm that they drank all the chang’aa that was in the police van.


The alcohol was to be produced in court as exhibit for a different case.

The four have been identified as David Murigi, Peter Ngugi, George Muiruri and Joseph Murimi.

Police who were escorting the suspects said they were in the driver’s compartment when the suspects drank the chang’aa.

Police say upon reaching the prison, and going to the back of the van to open the door for the suspects, they found all of them lying unconscious.

The four were rushed to Saba Saba Health Centre after Murang’a Prison administrators refused to have them remanded in the facility in that state.


They were later transferred to Maragua Sub-County Hospital for further treatment.

By Tuesday afternoon, doctors at the medical facility said three of the four patients were still unconscious.

In August, dramatic scenes played outside the Kibera Law after six suspects scheduled to appear in court blacked out from an alleged alcohol intoxication.

Pictures and videos aired by NTV captured the suspects sprawled on the ground in a drunken stupor.

Some police officers could be seen trying to prop them to walk, but the suspects were unconscious to respond to any probing.