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Suzanna Owiyo bashed for supporting police brutality

March 28th, 2020 2 min read

Suzanna Owiyo has been on the receiving end since Friday night after supporting the police during the enforcement of curfew.

In a tweet that she later deleted, Suzanna expressed her displeasure with Kenyans and termed them as ‘vichwa ngumu’.

“We are not at war, yes but at times policemen/women are forced to go hard on Wanjiku simply because of Tuko Vichwa ngumu’. Plan yourself not to be caught up on the wrong side of the law. Your safety is important as well as your health. Can we all have an understanding here?” she wrote.

Her sentiments rubbed netizens the wrong way more so after videos were shared of how police officers unleashed terror on hapless citizens on the first night of the curfew that was ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The 10-hour daily restriction running between 7 pm and 5 am took effect on Friday and is part of the government’s measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Here is what people thought about Kenyan UNEP Goodwill Ambassador:

Jacky Habib said, “How in the world are you a UN goodwill ambassador and yet you’re endorsing police violence? You should be ashamed.”

Steve Ogolla commented, “It’s so sad to see Suzzana Owiyo struggling to fit in. But she struggles the wrong way. We will be here to defend her when brutality catches up with her.”

Marira Eugene posted, “You saw that woman at Likoni who had a seizure in the commotion right? It was 5:00 pm, what do you think she would say if she saw this tweet? Just bc you can afford to stay at home doesn’t mean you do PR for rogue police, you’re a national figure, shame on you #CurfewKenya.”

Alamin kimathi wrote, “Sad to part company here with one of my fav singers @SuzannaOwiyo like I did with my friend David Makali. I can’t take views that glorify #PoliceBrutality while sucking up to privilege and the state or whatever. This I’m doing to anyone else of their ilk going forward. Kwaheri.”

Oyier Nemia tweeted, “Some Kenyans like Suzanna owiyo who have stocked their deep freezer with months supplies of food think Kenyans who go out to fend for their families are kichwa ngumu. 75% of Kenyans would sleep hungry if they stayed home for 2 days#TeargasOnNRG Kibra #PoliceBrutality.”