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Suzanna Owiyo dazzles in new hit ‘Wamiel’

Artist Suzanna Owiyo has decided to make all people dance this festive season.

The songstress, who has wowed many in her previous hits, has outdone herself this time with her first single for an untitled album set for release in 2015.

The song ‘Wamiel’ (dholuo for let’s dance) was launched on Tuesday evening with Suzanna making her debut performance on it at Club Tribeka.

Produced by SautiSol’s guitarist Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers and directed by music guru Enos Olik, the song is a must-watch and will get you dancing.

The video has a night set up with all sort of dance moves exhibited by the dancers. Suzanna looks stunning in her outfits in all scenes as she too dances to the hit.

If you are yet to watch and of course dance to the new hit, watch it here.