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Suzanna Owiyo recalls her experience in jail

Renowned Kenyan musician Suzanna Owiyo has opened up about an unexpected and memorable experience after spending some time in a Naivasha police cell due to an incident of speeding while en route to Kisumu.

In a detailed social media post, Suzanna shared the events of March 28, 2014, around 8 am when she found herself detained in Naivasha for exceeding the speed limit.

“I will never forget the month of March 28, 2014, at around 8 am. Nilionja cell ya Naivasha…for some hours before being arraigned in court. I was arrested because of overspeeding,” she wrote.

Upon entering the female cell, Suzanna encountered another woman who had been apprehended earlier that morning for selling illicit brew.

Despite the circumstances, Suzanna said they quickly connected.

Suzanna requested a full picture, and although the woman struggled due to the effects of alcohol, she managed to capture a moment.

Suzanna retained the best image, which she later shared.

“She seemed drunk to me but that aside. I requested her to take a full pic of me of which she obliged but the lady couldn’t focus.. too much changaa in her head,” the singer wrote.

While inside the cell, Suzanna witnessed a commotion from outside, signaling the arrival of male offenders being escorted to court.

She retreated to a corner to avoid unwanted attention from the passing male inmates.

“I wasn’t worried because I knew I would come out soon due to the nature of my offense. I got charged, paid the fine, and proceeded with my journey to Kisumu,” Suzanna recounted.

However, one aspect that deeply bothered the music icon was the unsanitary conditions of the cell. She expressed concern about its cleanliness, stating:

“One thing that kept bothering me was the manner in which the cell was kept. Very dirty! Maybe things have changed now!!”