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Suzanna Owiyo shares hilarious boarding school throwback, fans react

Kenyan songbird Suzanna Owiyo had her fans in stitches as she reminisced about her time in boarding school.

The popular singer revealed that it was nothing short of a miracle that she survived life in boarding school.

Reflecting on those days, Owiyo shared a hilarious throwback story that resonated with her followers.

“I remember, we used to fill and keep borehole water in small basins under our beds. The same water was for drinking, bathing, fixing cold power drink ya kuteremsha na mkate, not forgetting hapo chini ya kitanda ndio pia tulikuwa tunaanikia chupi zetu. Ni God haki!” Owiyo humorously penned on her social media platforms.

Owiyo also encouraged her fans to share their own experiences from their boarding school days.

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Owiyo’s humorous throwback sparked a wave of nostalgic memories from her fans of their own boarding school experiences.

Aimee Bronte recalled her days of resourcefulness, admitting, “And how I used to steal people’s water with my cup and still use that cup for brushing and drinking tea, ghai! And am still normal.”

Maurice Odongo reminisced about meals served in plates that had been used for multiple days, highlighting the resilience of their immune systems at that stage in life.

Francisca Ijakaa expressed gratitude for what she believed was divine protection, sharing: “That was Divine protection, even our food used to smell of kerosene, and we never fell sick. Just imagine.”

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Bella Mambo couldn’t help but feel nauseated when thinking about the basin water, confessing, “And I was good at stealing people’s water.”

Atieno Cee Lilian unveiled the challenges of preserving water, stating: “We would leave the water hidden outside. The problem in the morning if you went looking for it, you would find an empty basin. A senior had emptied it.”

Maureen Aloo summed it up, acknowledging their survival amidst such conditions, “Don’t remind me, and we survived. We took water directly from the small basins. Ni God mazee.”

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