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Swaleh Mdoe rubs Kenyans wrong way with ‘broke government’ comment

Citizen TV Swahili anchor Swaleh Mdoe has been bashed by Kenyans online for posting a comment asking why it should surprise the public when he says he is broke, while the Kenyan government is also suffering from the same problem.

In his tweet Mdoe posed: “So if the GoK can be broke why are people surprised when I declared that I am in a financial crisis?”

Last month the TV anchor created a buzz when he went public about his attentions to sell one of his kidneys for Sh2.5 million due to pressing financial issues.

Mdoe’s announcement came as a surprise to many but he justified his decision thus:

“I know some people might wonder why I have taken this direction instead of using other means. But I do not really want to bother people. I can live with one kidney.”


But his comment about the government hasn’t gone down will with a number of Kenyans on Twitter.

@Edznyabiba said, “Unaongea sana chief! What makes you special? Many are broke n they don’t yap like you’re. nkt!”

@jmcomolo asked, “Is it for same reasons? Squandering, mismanagement, incompetency, selfishness, greed or what?”

@johnbundi tweeted, “Kwani wewe ni wa serikali? Is the private sector also broke?”

@kennethgnjoroge said, “At least we understand how the state got broke. Over borrowing and corruption have been the hallmark of jubilee financial mismanagement at its worst. So you tell us how u got yourself broke while still on a decent salary. Financial indiscipline too like GOK?”

@paul_kiranga said, “First appraise is on the status of monies contributed so far. That’s how GOK found itself in the mess it is currently in the mess it is in. No accountability.”

@mburudennis94 commented, “Yeah don’t mind anything people say whether you do good or bad they still gona talk. Your problem and u handle them way u see fit… Keep up the faith…wacha watafakari hayo.”

@dready_freddy said, “Am broke too…so u give me you kidney customer if you changed your mind.”