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Swedish-Kenyan singer dies after posting disturbing tweets

By Amina Wako December 29th, 2019 1 min read

A Swedish singer with Kenyan origin has died.

Beldina Nyadwe died on December 20 and her death was confirmed by a Ms Anderson Katja on December 24, 2019.

“Feels pretty unreal to post this, In loving memory of Beldina Nyadwe. Love with extreme saddened hearts our beautiful sister and dear friend has left us too soon. Sing from the heavens. Rest amongst the angels.” Ms. Katja posted on Facebook.

Her death comes exactly seven months after her mother Adhiambo Nyadwe died in Sweden.

The cause of the singer’s death is yet to be established but posts she had uploaded during her last days hinted that something was not right.

One of the messages that she posted on her Twitter account that has been interpreted as a cry for help. Nyadwe posted that she was trying to go to heaven.

She later tweeted that she wished someone would convince her to stay.

From the look of things, the messages went unnoticed until it was too late. Those messages were the singer’s final social media posts.

Nyadwe was born in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden but was of Kenyan ancestry.

She was part of a popular Swedish group known as Adolf Fredriks Flickkor and performed with them on several occasions.

The singer released her first album, “Opening Act,” in 2014 alongside DJ Booth, in Sweden.

She also modeled for Elle Magazine in Stockholm and was once a lead model for Adidas’S CALiroots spring collection.

She also did a song with Timbuktu and Childish Gambino.