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How sweet-talking rogue matatu driver fell into boss lady cop’s trap – AUDIO

Matatu drivers and tout are infamous for their rude, aggressive and vulgar manner of engaging with passengers, other road users or even the authorities.

On Kenyan roads, matatu is king and the reckless crew law unto themselves.

But when the tables are turned they can humble themselves to the extent of pleading for leniency just to get away with the many crimes they known for committing on the road.

An audio recording has captured the moment when luck ran out for one errant matatu driver.

The unlucky driver was rightfully put in his place by a no nonsense female traffic police officer for flouting traffic rules.


“Nimekuomba kwa heshima, ata nimepiga magoti, tafadhali nisamehe mimi kama ndungu yako,” the driver is heard pleading in the audio.

The driver of the matatu, which belongs to Umoinner Sacco, was nabbed along Jogoo road for overlapping to beat traffic.

The officer would hear none of the sweet-talking driver’s spirited effort to get away scot free, pointing out that the driver is notorious for breaking traffic rules.

“Jana niliwapigia makofi vile mlinishinda ni kama nyinyi ni wakubwa wangu,” she retorts.


In his defence, the driver goes on a charm offence in a desperate move to win over the police officer.

But all to no avail.

“Kama nitakuwacha uende nayo kazi nitawachana nayo,” the offiucers says.

In the end, the officer stands her ground and orders the driver to transfer his passengers to another matatu.

“Simama hapa, usinichukue hivyo wewe, jana ulishinda vita, nipe ufunguo niwatufitie gari nikiwa nazo,” says the officer before arresting the driver and impounding the matatu.