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Sweets taste better unwrapped, but why eat ‘untested sweets’?

By Nairobi Wife February 1st, 2019 3 min read

A few days ago, a young woman came out and revealed a terrifying and disturbing story of her encounters with two ‘gospel’ musicians, which left her depressed, with thoughts of suicide and a sexually transmitted infection.

So, an anonymous girl posts how she was looking to advance her career in video modelling and began reaching out to musicians. One of them responded positively, gave her his contacts and soon started veering the conversation off work.

They plan, meet but have third party in tow. The girl and the first musician get it on and somewhere along the way the other guy joins in, amidst protest from the girl. Anyway, to cut the long story short, she leaves but somehow starts communicating with the second guy, who eventually infects her with herpes.

This story is so sad.

She says that she needs to be on medication throughout, and now has no desire to be in a relationship or have children as her new condition will bring challenges to both.

The sadder part is that the guy infected her deliberately, because, when she told him about the condition, he was not surprised. And he allegedly has a ‘fiancée’.


This is the second story I have heard this week of a woman being deliberately infected with an STD. A woman on one of the social media groups I follow posted her plight. She was married, got pregnant really quickly into her marriage and a few months later, discovered that she had an STI, genital warts.

She even had to have a Caesarean Section delivery in order not to infect the baby. She begged her then husband to go for testing, as he was sure she did not bring in the disease into their marriage. He refused.

A few months after the baby was born, he kicked them out and she was forced to go back to her parents. Later, he texted her asking her what the medication for genital warts was. By this time, she was over him and she was asking for an appropriate response to the man that had left her sickly and with a small child to fend for.

I have a friend, a bit older and more experienced in this thing called life that advised me that even when I am married and in a supposedly monogamous relationship, that my partner and I should always keep condoms in the plan, except when we will want to try to have children.

I did not question her, but I think she may have had a similar experience to the two above.


My very first question is this, especially to the men who simply cannot keep it in their pants. Why risk not only your health but your partner’s as well by engaging in risky sexual behaviour?

I understand that ‘sweets taste better unwrapped’, but how reckless must you be to go ‘eating untested sweets’? How malicious can you then continue to be if you will then spread all the unknown diseases you have picked with you partner and also your potential offspring?

Children are always the worst affected victims of sexually transmitted diseases, yet they played absolutely no role in getting the infection other than existing.

My last question is to women who like living on the wild side. Why would you want to associate yourself with someone who is taken? Especially with the rising cases of homicides in relationships, why would you want to be with someone who cannot be faithful to a woman who has even borne him children?

It is clear that, if they don’t kill you, they will give you a bad disease.

Married or taken men should and forever will be ‘moto wa kuotewa mbali’.