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Tag a feminist to this picture of true gender equality

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 11th, 2018 1 min read

The clash of chivalry and gender equality has been best captured in a photo of a woman standing in a train as men sat and played dead.

The woman in the photo holds onto a pole facing a bench full of men who were either asleep or looking away.

The men clutch tightly onto their bag packs with none of them offering the woman a seat.

The photo elicited mixed reactions on the internet, with a majority of men commenting that true gender equality means no one should offer their seat to another on account of gender.

Women on the other end urged men to be gentlemen and stop hiding under the gender equality campaign.

@christy_Amodu questioned; “But can you actually be in this kind of situation and let the woman stand?”

@Eric_Sami8 wrote; “They want complete technical equality yet they want “patriarchal perks”. You selfish deluded females.??”

@Akmonabiodun commented; “C’mon this is unfair, she is a woman, mother of the nation, you av to treat her with respect ?.”

@polluxXXVI added; “In a normal society, this pic would be offensive but seeing as we’ve advanced to equal everything for men & women, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this pic! Those men sitting are Kings ?.”

@emmanuel_nzube stated; “Now this is equality and fairness. No gentlemalism nomore.”

@greatnnamani added; “Chimamanda would be so proud ?. Keep up the good work, Kings.”

@Olawale393 wrote; “Chivalry is optional, not obligatory.”

@MachoVoice stated; “Please!! Equal rights… She was a gentle lady to let d men sit while she stands. She is an independent woman. She is strong. She needs no one to open the door for her.”