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Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa: If you find me with your man, blame Lucy…

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa, alias Anazidi Kuiva, claimed she would not be scared or shocked if another woman found her with their man.

In a November 10, 2023, statement, Ms Moraa claimed that having gone through the same drama after getting married young, other women should experience what she did as well.

“I was first married at 19, a naïve thing to a 27-year-old then. My marriage lasted for 7 years with two kids. Kuna kitu moja tu sitawai sahau (There is one thing I will never forget). There was a woman who was called Lucy, who was waaay older than me that made me cry uuuwiiii waaaiiiii waaaaaiiii.

Yaani alikuwa anakuja shop yangu na ananiita girl,na anakujia bwana yangu wanaenda sijui wapi (She used to come to my shop and call me a girl as she took my husband to an unknown location). When I hear the name Lucy,  bado namkumbuka vile alinililisha kwa ndoa kushinda wale wengine 56 (I still remember how she made me cry in my marriage more than the other 56).

Sai ukinipata na gaidi yako hata siwezi stuka,ntakwambia tu (Right now if you find me with your unfaithful man, I won’t be scared or shocked. I will just tell you) “cool down young girl”….coz Lucy taught me better…..#gaidimkuu,” said Ms Moraa.

Her experience resonated with many of her followers as many went on to name the third-party men and women who gave their marriages proper character development.

“My stori too…..wa kwangu alikuwa anaitwa Emily eish,” added N.T.

“Pamela… almost made Ombogo kill me… wueh wueh..,” added P.N.

“Moral of the story…. it’s payback time  awuoro yawa,” opined M.O.

“But those days you were very mpole until I saw you in full Omogusii mode for a few minutes. Nikajua kumbe hatukujui vizuri hahahahaha,” said S.B.

After her initial marriage failed to work, Ms Moraa was recently married to the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba (now deceased).

The two enjoyed seven years of marriage but things turned sour and their marriage ended.

In the ensuing period following the fallout, Ms Moraa sued Mr Ayimba for child support and also accused him of being negligent to his family due to unfaithfulness.

For months, she shared her life story on social media about her fights with her in-laws who refused to recognize her as the late Ayimba’s spouse despite her proving otherwise.

So dramatic was the issue that the late Ayimba’s family barred her from attending his funeral. However, after the drama made national headlines, Moraa’s two sons were allowed to attend their late father’s funeral.

Recently, she also said she was ready for love again.

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