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Take a look at how shameful KQ planes look like – PHOTO

Is Kenya Airways still the pride of Africa? From personal experience, its clearly not.

On a recent trip with the national carrier I felt ashamed of travelling in one of their airplanes.

While going to the lavatory what I saw made me stop and question if I was in an airplane or a matatu that plies from City Stadium to Industrial Area.

One of the seat could not be occupied as it did not have a cushion and worst the area looked like a store as it was the place where the passenger’s blankets were dumped.


After arriving at home, the following day I contacted KQ and asked them why an airplane of the national carrier was in such a terrible and embarrassing state.

They replied and asked for my travel details.

“We are following up on this for redress. We thank you for taking time to bring this to our attention. We once again regret the inconvenience this may have caused you during your flight. We look forward to being of better delight,” read the reply.

Still we were also delayed for almost an hour before we left our destination to Nairobi.

So who is to blame? Is it a case of an airline that has lost its glamour or is the management just indifferent?


The same level of apathy you experience midair appear to have spread to the ground on the arrival and departure terminals.

KQ fell into a hole seven years ago when it shocked the country for registering a loss of Sh27 billion.

This was the biggest loss ever recorded in Kenya’s history.

It was obvious that the loss billions of shillings from the once ‘Pride of Africa’ was orchestrated by a few individuals.