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Take advantage of coronavirus ‘off-days’ to bond with your wives, men urged

Central Regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga has urged men in the Central Region to take advantage of the 14-day self-quarantine to bond with their families.

Speaking during a briefing at the regional headquarters, the RC said tough enforcement on the closure of all entertainment joints will be conducted in the region.

This, he says, will play a key part in strengthening family bonds especially since men who spend more time in bars will spend more time at home.

“Besides just preventing the spread of Coronavirus, the quarantine will help people bond better with their families. Rather than being in bars they will spend time with their wives and enjoy their cooking,” he said.

On Monday Nyeri governor Mutahi Kahiga ordered that all bars should be closed before 10pm. Mr Nyagwanga said security personnel and administrators have been instructed to enforce the directive.

At the same time, locals have been urged to stay at home and minimise movement to urban areas.