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Take home lessons from Akothee’s wedding

‘Nimetoka Soko’ (I’m off the market).

These are the words used by singer Akothee, born Esther Akoth, after she tied the knot with her lover Dennis Schweizer in an invite-only wedding attended by the who is who in Kenyan society.

The wedding, which consumed millions and was held at a high-cost hotel, also provided some take-home lessons on love.

Here are some of the lessons.

1. Get money and you will be married at any age – Akothee is, without doubt, a person of means who owns several properties worth millions of shillings.

The properties include a palatial mansion with a well-manicured lawn and farm. She is also known to have vast interests in the real estate and the tourism sector. She is also a single mother of five who has been in a number of failed relationships and marriages. Thanks to the bag, it appears that at 40, she is luckier in love compared to her broke agemates.

2. Network – The Kula Ngoma hitmaker boasts a huge network of influential personalities as her friends. This was evident during at her  wedding which several influencers and politicians attended to witness her tying the knot. The personalities include Ida Odinga, wife of ODM leader Raila, Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, plus lawmakers Milly Odhiambo, and  Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o.  Its better said that your network is your networth.

3. Everyone has their own path – Akothee has risen from grass to grace. Through her life journey, the singer has seen it all. She has gone through life challenges with boldness. In 2020, Akothee bravely opened up about her struggles with mental health and shared the reason behind her frequent hospital visits between 2017 and 2019.

She revealed that she had been suffering from panic attacks and mild depression for the three-year period. She lost her unborn baby, and had failed marriages but still stood. However, her dream of finding true love came to pass.

This shows that everyone has their own path, run your race without competition.

4. Be ambitious = The mother of five has always been a go-getter. She is an influencer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and one who does not get discouraged by failure. Through being ambitious, Akothee has built her own home in Rongo and owns several properties in and outside the country.

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