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Tala manager ‘conned’ Sh9 million by Ghanaian lover

A senior manager at money lending firm Tala is reportedly counting her losses after she was conned Sh9 million by her Ghanaian lover.

A report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) indicates that the suspect, identified as Victor Anane, introduced himself to the manager as a ‘preacher who performs miracles.

Anane then promised to turn the victim’s fortunes around on the condition he fell in love with him.

Months later, the woman fell in love with the ‘man of the cloth’ who invited her to his place in Athi River.

Police say the victim had already given her boyfriend Sh9 million in unclear uncircumstances.

“Some of the money she is believed to have given him had been obtained from accounts belonging to [her employer], Tala agencies,” said the DCI.

Upon visiting her lover at his Athi River home, the woman was shocked to find witchcraft-related paraphernalia in the house.

“What was meant to be a romantic date turned ugly as the woman demanded to know how the man of the cloth she had fallen in love with possessed paraphernalia associated with dark powers,” said the DCI.

She reported the incident, prompting detectives to act and arrest the suspect.

Detectives also took with them the items associated with witchcraft.

Also recovered from his house was Ksh76,000 in fake currency and other materials used to print counterfeit notes.

The investigators further established that the suspect who masquerades as a preacher approaches innocent women looking for love and affection online with promises of making their lives better before fraudulently obtaining money from them.

The suspect is currently in custody and will be arraigned to face charges of obtaining money by false pretenses.