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Tame your naivety, Miguna slams Ole Kiyiapi over ‘top secret’ BBI report

Former presidential candidate Prof James Ole Kiyiapi has found himself on Miguna Miguna’s receiving end for supporting ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s sentiments on the much-anticipated Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

The ODM leader, who was in Malindi at the burial of the slain uncle of the newly-elected Ganda MCA Ruben Katana, slammed politicians allied to the Deputy President William Ruto for opposing the BBI report whose content remains a heavily guarded ‘secret’.

The Building Bridges Initiative taskforce on Wednesday completed filing its report after collecting views of Kenyans across the country.

“Surprisingly, there are some leaders who have started to oppose the BBI but do not know what they are opposing because the report has not yet been submitted,” Odinga said on Saturday.

Prof Ole Kiyiapi took to the social media to support Odinga’s sentiments, urging all leaders to wait for the report to be made public, instead of discrediting it based on rumours.


“I strongly support sentiments by Raila Odinga on BBI. The political class should not lash out at process based on rumours and rumours of rumours. The report will be out soon, and all of us will have a chance to debate it and even take positions. Before then, hold your horses,” Kiyiapi said.

However, Kiyiapi’s remarks did not go down well with Miguna who accused the former presidential candidate of being naive on the BBI report.

“Why has Raila Odinga been roaming around funerals campaigning for something that has not been published? Professor: Stop being naive. The contents of the BBI… are in the recently published book by Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. Kenyans are not that stupid,” Miguna tweeted.

However, according to the Sunday Nation, Mr Odinga retreated for a meeting with his trusted allies at the Coast to prepare them on possible scenarios before the final handover.