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Tanasha Donna reveals details of her child birth

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has shared details of what transpired during the birth of her first born child. Tanasha welcomed her son with bongo star Diamond Platinumz on October 2.

The mother of one explained in a question and answer session on Instagram with  her fans, revealing that she laboured for 17 hours before she had her baby through natural birth contrary to what is being said.

And even though the pain was excruciating no epidural was administered on her to help elevate the pain.

“17 hour of labor, it was long stressful and the pain was excruciating but when I look at him I would do it all over again. It was a natural birth no epidural as much as I begged for one at some point when I couldn’t take it, though I am glad they didn’t give it,” said Tanasha.

Pictures of her having a flat tummy a week after giving birth that have been circulating online was also a topic of discussion as most of her fans wanted to know how she was able to achieve such a a feat.

“How did you manage to flatten your tummy very fast after delivery? “Asked a fan.

Tanasha replied, “Honestly speaking it all depends on each body type, everyone is different and everyone has different genes. I personally believe that it really all depends on your diet, genes whether or not you hydrate, I wouldn’t really pinpoint any specific secret.”

The couple are yet to reveal the name of their child.