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Tanasha Donna rubbishes ‘wash wash’ link

Singer Tanasha Donna is the latest media personality to rubbish claims of being part of an elaborate money-laundering syndicate in town.

“I’m not one to address things but all these false rumours are getting out of control. How does someone wake up one day and decide to fabricate a fake story just for attention?” Tanasha, who also is Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz baby mama, posed.

Her denial comes days after she was linked to the late Kevin Omwenga.

Omwenga, a youthful businessman who was also linked to the money laundering business which is popularly referred to as wash wash, recently died of gunshot wounds.

Two men are battling charges in connection with his death.

The claims revolving Tanasha and money laundering were made by controversial blogger Edgar Obare.

The blogger put the singer on spot with claims she had a ‘close’ relationship with Omwenga.

And to justify his claims, Obare shared several photos of her and the late businessman with the mother of one saying that she was surprised that someone could wake up and start making up stories about another person.

But Tanasha maintains she can account for everything she owns in her life.

“I work hard and very hard for my sh*t! Everything I own today I bought with my own hard-earned money and sweat. Don’t involve my name in y’all BS. Some of y’all are sickening. Sickening.”

In a post on Edgar Obare’s Insta Story, it was alleged that the late Omwenga who is reported to have amassed considerable wealth in a short span of time, bought Tanasha a blue BMW.

Tanasha would later insist she bought the car amid reports it was a gift from her baby daddy.

On Monday, the Inspector-General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, said a team of detectives have been dispatched to deal with the rising cases of money laundering involving gold and fake money.

Speaking during his #EngagetheIG forum, Mutyambai said the Serious Crimes Protection Unit (SCPU) from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has begun hunting the suspects, adding that some of them have been arrested and arraigned.

“We have a unit under DCI that deals with serious crime and continues to arrest perpetrators,” he said.

The IG was responding to concerns raised by members of the public, warned Kenyans mostly the youth against joining what he described as get-rich-quick schemes, saying it was illegal.