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Tanasha Donna sends cryptic message after Risper Faith expose

Tanasha has shared a cryptic message on her Instagram page, hours after Risper Faith exposed her for allegedly refusing to pay for her body enhancement surgery.

In an Instagram post, the mother of one shared a video of herself driving her Porsche Cayenne. Accompanied by the caption:

“All my life they tryna keep me down but God don’t play about me,” along with a money bag emoji.

In yet another post, Tanasha shared a thought-provoking picture that discussed the impact of the internet on our mindset.

The caption emphasized the importance of not allowing social media to turn us into cynical individuals.

Tanasha highlighted how the online world can sometimes crush our optimism and negatively affect our self-esteem.

She urged her followers not to let the internet define their worth and encouraged them to rise above the temptation to compare their lives to others’.

In an interview with Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha, Risper revealed the details of her encounter with Tanasha and the aftermath of their collaboration.

According to Risper, Tanasha had reached out to her via direct message, expressing an interest in cosmetic surgery and seeking advice.

Coincidentally, Risper was working with a company that was actively seeking someone for a butt lift procedure. Recognizing the opportunity, Risper introduced Tanasha to the company.

“Tanasha’s involvement cost me a significant opportunity. The truth is, the company was searching for someone to undergo a butt lift. Strangely enough, Tanasha DM’d me asking about my own experience with the procedure, so I connected her with them,” Risper disclosed during the interview.

The company even went to the lengths of hiring a team of professional videographers to document the entire process, highlighting the collaboration’s significance.

However, Risper claimed that merely two weeks after the surgery, Tanasha disappeared without a trace. Additionally, Risper alleged that Tanasha failed to receive the necessary aftercare, which could potentially jeopardize her health and recovery.

“The procedure cost approximately Sh860,000. It was done specifically for her, and then she vanished. The company came looking for me since I had introduced her to them.

It even escalated to a police case. It was a major incident, and even now, if I continue discussing it, I could risk losing my contract. After that incident, she blocked me on all platforms,” Risper shared.

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