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Tanasha Donna’s disappoints with new song

Singer Tanasha Donna appears to have failed to live up to her high standards with her latest song Sawa.

The mother of one has managed to leave her fans blown away in the past with the release of her two major tracks Radio and La Vie.

However, the strong sound found in her other songs appears not to be present in the new track.

In the song Sawa, she talks about celebrating life and all the trials that come with it. She says that it is important to maintain positive because good things can come from a bad situation.

“See all the good things come from the bad things, if you are not in the mood, better get in your groove, cause when you do you’ll feel this energy,” she says partly in the song.

She repeats most of the stanzas over and over and the song that ends unceremoniously.

The video production is, however, top-notch.

Tanasha launched herself in the music industry with the song Radio that is heavily influenced by reggaetone.

Her second song La Vie, which she collaborated with Tanzanian singer Mbosso, is a soft love ballad where she shows off her vocal prowess.