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Tanzania Environment Minister demands ‘ransom’ before releasing Kenya’s rain

Tanzania’s Environment Minister January Makamba has asked Kenya for a rare ransom before the country can release rain to Kenya.

The lighthearted ‘ransom’ request is in response to media reports that claimed Kenya’s drought will persist until end month “because rain bearing winds are sitting in Tanzania owing to low pressure”.

Acting Kenya Meteorological Department Director Stella Aura claimed the rain bearing winds were “sitting” in Tanzania owing to low pressure systems to push them northwards to Kenya.

“The seasonal rains are caused by the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) but currently it has not moved northwards,” she told The Standard newspaper.

“It is sitting in Tanzania, the high pressure systems in the south have not strengthened to the point that they will push the ITCZ so there will just be a delay, but the rains will come towards the end of the month.”

The Tanzanian Environment Minister has cheekily responded by demanding for Oscar Award winner actress Lupita Nyong’o as ransom.

“Give us back our Lupita and we will release the rain,” tweeted Mr Makamba.

Here are some of the reactions to Mr Makamba’s tweet.

David Kimwei‏ said; “We can give 45 governors you release the rain be fair Lupita is our treasured girl.”

Anyisile Obheli‏; ” Kenyans are too funny jamani kha.”

Frank Seven‏ tweeted; “Kenya bhanaa kila kitu chenu kikienda mrama mnatusingizia sie,noise neighbour,kuna siku mtagombana na wake zenu mtasema ni sisi pia,TANZANIA itabaki kua juu.”