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Tanzania expels teachers caught clobbering hapless student -VIDEO

Tanzania Education minister has expelled a group of trainee teachers caught on video beating up a male student mercilessly.

The video, which went viral since yesterday morning, shows a University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) student who was in practical training as well as Dar es Salaam University College of Education and Mwalimu Nyerere Education College (names withheld) beating up a student (name withheld) for allegedly failing to do an assignment.

The incident occurred at Mbeya Day Secondary School on September 28, when it was allegedly that the teachers beat up the student after he failed to do an English test on September 26.

Tanzania’s minister for Education, Science and Technology prof Joyce Ndalichako described the incident as un-ethical, cruel and criminal.

The minister added that the students have lost qualification to become teachers.

“As per higher learning institutions regulations what they did is criminal offence so they should be dealt with in accordance to the laws of the country,” Prof Ndalichako told reporters.

When contacted, UDSM vice chancellor Professor Rwekaza Mukandala said he was on leave and was not aware of the incident.

Home Affairs Minister Mr Mwigulu Nchemba also joined the fray of those who condemned the incident as he directed the authorities to make sure that the teachers are arrested and brought to justice.

Mr Nchemba directed the police to hunt down the suspects, who fled shortly after committing the offence.


Yesterday, Mbeya Day secondary school headmistress Ms Magreth Haule and some other teachers were interrogated by the police for several hours.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander Mr Dhahiri Kidavashari confirmed that police were holding Ms Haule and some other teachers for interrogations.

Narrating the incident, a Form Three pupil said the incident occurred on September 28 at around 9am.

According to the pupil, the teacher punished all pupils who failed to do an English test two days earlier, including the victim.

“The teacher ordered all pupils who didn’t do an English test to step in front of the class and we all received five strokes of the cane; he then ordered us to do some pushups,” said the pupil.

He added, “But when he asked us to kneel down, the pupil in question refused as he complained that he has an injury on one of his knees.”

According to the pupil, the teacher didn’t take the refusal kindly and slapped the pupil on the face.

The situation then got physical as the pupil strangled the teacher.

After a brief confrontation, other teachers came and took the pupil to the teachers office where the beating took place.

As the three teacher were beating up the student another teachers who pleaded to the teachers to stop beating the pupil recorded them on a smart phone.

Speaking on the incident, the pupil’s father Mr John Chinguku said he received information about the incident through his elder son who is admitted at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH).

Mr Chiguku said his elder son told him that he had seen the video of his young brother being clobbered by the teachers. Mr Chiguku condemned the incident.