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Why this Tanzanian MP has won many admirers in Kenya

Tanzania’s Iringa MP Peter Msigwa has won many hearts among Kenyans after a video of him passionately debating the recently proposed budget was shared online.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko shared the video captioning how Tanzanian legislators were fighting for their people.

MP Msigwa in the video protests the high taxes imposed in the proposed Tsh 1.45 trillion budget along with the growing public debt.

He reprimanded the Finance Minister Philip Mpango accusing him of crippling Tanzania’s economy.

“Raisi wetu yeye sio mchumi ni engineer. Tunategemea wewe uliye mchumi umpe maelekezo mazuri ambayo yatasaidia nchi yetu…Mimi naongea kwa masikitiko makuu mimi naomba Mheshimiwa Mpango unijibu what do you believe as an economist?” MP Msigwa questioned.

The video of his debate that was countered by an MP allied to the ruling party on the basis that MP Msigwa had in the past congratulated the President was shared online and Kenyans admired his passion commenting how they wished their MPs would fight for them.

Adan Warsame commented, “It is very sad that Kenyans are taxed day by day. No leader stands up and talks about it. The poor will die poorer and the rich will always grow richer. Some people here have duty free status.”

Dominic Njoka added, “Indeed, leaders should not lie who elect them to represent them, government doesn’t do a favour to is when implementing development, more to that, leaders should also admit they doesn’t know everything and stand to be advised by those who have unconventional wisdom in different field and agenda’s, to practice team work.”

Swaleh Malenya wrote, “When was the last time someone contributed such opinions in Kenyan parliament? This budget is going to mess Kenyans up bearing in mind the percentage that’s gonna be looted.”

Harrison Wambui stated, “In Kenya, some of our politicians & government officials are driven by their greed, gluttony & hunger to amass wealth. You might think that they are immortal with their kids. They search for happiness in expense of poor Kenyans. Imagine having corruption in health ministry. Health of all?”