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Tanzanian singer Baba Levo heaps praise on Nairobi city

Tanzanian singer Baba Levo, whose real name is Revokatus Kipando, has heaped praise on Nairobi as a city that is ‘far more developed’ compared to Dar-es-Salaam.

Speaking on Wasafi FM, Baba Levo, who also is a radio presenter and comedian, explained that his recent visit to Nairobi had left him in awe of the development in the city since his last visit.

The Shusha hitmaker even suggested that it would take 25 years for Dar to match Nairobi in terms of development while highlighting the construction of the Expressway as a significant upgrade.

I never accept defeat, but I must say Nairobi is ahead of us (Dar) by far. For Dar es Salaam to reach the level at which Nairobi is, we’ll need approximately twenty-five years,” he said.

“First of all, they have a city center, just like we also have a city center, but in comparison, theirs is better. I also learned that they have flyovers, ponds, and hills, whereby one flyover stretches from Posta to Tegeta,” claimed the singer.

“They even have a raised road from the city center to the airport. We don’t have flyovers, we only have bridges,” he added.

The radio conversation drew a lot of attention from loyal listeners who gave their thoughts, with most backing up Baba Levo in praise of Kenya’s capital. Some of the responses to the video of the radio show shared online include;

Cst.Montana: “Nairobi is the largest city in the east and central Africa. You can’t compare Nairobi to dar”

Sadiachris: “Nairobi is the biggest city in East Africa acheni kubisha. fika thika super highway upotee alaaa”

ksGR MDsDL: “I have never been to Dar Es Salaam. But I have been living in Kenya’s Nairobi for the past 7 years plus. One thing I can confirm to you is that the rate of development in Nairobi is mind-boggling. Skyscrapers and residential condos/ apartments are emerging everywhere. And also road infrastructure has been improving significantly. If Nairobi continues with the same pace of development for the next like a decade, I am positive that we will become a truly world-class city, with the likes of Dubai and London.”

Jah Ashinuri: “Dar es salaam can be compared with Mombasa, not Nairobi, Nairobi competes with Johannesburg, Cape Town, Cairo.”